VETERANS SERVICES DIRECTORY Program seeks $35,000 to fund an innovative computer education program for Veterans. The program will serve over 100,000 Veterans annually, teaching low-income Veterans to take advantage of the educational and economic tools and opportunities presented by computer technology.

All measurable results are based on the Veteran completing the workshop and online test. The test are created by Rosaline Hogg and the results are given to the program director. This process helps to identify applicants interest and goal preferences.

Curriculum for each workshop is developed by the instructor for that class, within a framework which focuses on process issues. For example, all classes have the same structure: they start with a warm-up exercise, which is followed by a vocabulary review. After that, the instructor introduces the session's topic. Then, the Veteran works on their project for the class. At the end of the period, the team reviews their work and there is a wrap-up exercise. This approach to curriculum development provides the Veteran instructor with the freedom to develop his or her own content while ensuring continuity and structure between classes.

While the content varies from class to class, we will measure our success in achieving the programs' goals in the following ways:

By keeping attendance sheets for all classes : Attendance sheets will be compiled into weekly program reports. By keeping class journals for all classes: Journals will be written by the instructor for each classes and are sent to all staff. In addition, journals will be posted on the Internet.

Our objective is to ensure that every Veteran in all communities have access to authentic resources via mobile phone, the Internet or computer-related technologies. Veterans Services Directory currently operates a computer one-source center and runs a community networking program called VETERANS SERVICES DIRECTORY Program ( ). The Veterans Services Directory one source center operates seven days a week for 40 hours. Offer Internet and research access; word processing, graphic design and spreadsheet software; computer tutorials and technical training courses for Veterans and their families.