Timeline Summary


Goal: Identify Core Issues & Life Needs

Identify Homeless Veteran | Identify Partnering Agency(school)

Recruit and Train Mentors | Program Evaluation | Data Collection


Objective: Provide Veterans with authentic service providers and incorporate workforce readiness training

Assessment Services: Establish Partnerships | Identify Core Needs | Veterans Services Directory Training | Track each Veterans Progress


Activity: Enrollment | Create Memorandum of Understanding | Prescreen | Industry classification |Measurable reports with extensive computer training | Assessments | Progress tracking| Data entry certification | Data analysis


Expected Completion Date: On Going

Problem: Homelessness delinquency| Online resource guider | Special education support | Socialization, Enhance current services being offered | Promote education literacy | Promote healthy living| Filtered online searching workshops.


Goal: Output measures, Trained & certified Veterans Services Directory Mentors, Veteran attendance / Improve career goals and methodology | Online tutoring support with user tracking | Online teambuilding activities | Use online workshops


OUTPUT MEASURES (short-term)_______________________________________________________________________

Trained/certified mentors Veteran attendance Test & Quizzes

Test scores Socialization skills Career Preparation



Increased number of qualified mentors | Decrease number of Homeless Veterans | Increased test scores |

Decreased number of Veteran incarcerated | Increase of Veterans passing reading proficiency workforce training test| Increase job employment and decrease unemployment


Short term- Outcome

The percentage of mentored Veterans who demonstrate improvement in core life independent living subjects as measured by completing the online test. Veterans will immediately start to address career and lifestyle barriers that hold them back from making positive career and life based decisions. The percentage of mentored Veterans who have national decrease in homelessness by the Veterans attending local and national events held by Veterans Services Directory.

Long-term Outcome

- The percentage of mentored Veterans with improved Veterans Homelessness

- The percentage of Veterans committed to a new live style 12 months and aft